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Published:November 2nd, 2010 10:58 EST
Cufflinks Are Making a Comeback

Cufflinks Are Making a Comeback

By Tony Graff

For men who have to wear a suit, it can feel limiting. There`s the color of the suit, the number of buttons it has, and the cut of the suit itself. Throw in the color of the dress shirt and the style of the tie, and that`s pretty much it. 

Coming back in the realm of common place is a unique opportunity for individual expression: cuff links. Worn on a French-cuff shirt, this look has often been kept in the realm of the elite and the wealthy, but with a simple modification, any long-sleeved dress shirt can be fitted to wear cuff links. 

Even in the most conservative suit, with the most conservative tie, there`s something to be said for seeing a set of cuffs peeking out from the sleeve of a suit. 

Places like Etsy and Ebay are full of beautiful and creative cuff links, including Super Mario Brothers, Halo, and clock gears. Just about any interest can be expressed on a set of cuff links. 

When I first found this look, I was a college student, and life the college student life. Even still, I was able to find French cuff shirts I could afford, and build a collection of cuff links that piqued the curiosity of everyone that saw them. Many sets of cuff links I made myself, with materials that can be found just about anywhere. 

This look is continued in popular media, through the culture of Steampunk and even in the movie Inception, were almost all of the main characters sported cuff links in various designs. 

Cuff links are still popular in business circles and weddings, but don`t wait too long before seeing cuff links becoming more common place.