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Published:November 2nd, 2010 19:07 EST
johnny cash

Rosanne Cash Furious At John Boehner For Telling Johnny Cash Joke

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The daughter of the late country singer Johnny Tuesday took offense at one of U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner`s stump speech lines.

The Ohio congressman invites his audience to hark back to the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was president, Bob Hope was still cracking jokes and Johnny Cash was still singing.

johnny cash

Now, Boehner says, we have Barack Obama in the White House and `no Hope and no Cash.`

`John Boehner: Stop using my dad`s name as a punch line you (expletive deleted),` she said on her Twitter account.


It appears likely that the Democrats will lose control of the House, and that means that crude and rude John Boehner will probably be the next Speaker of the House. Boehner needs to take a course in diplomacy, he`s always sticking his foot in his mouth.

Boehner doesn`t care if his joke about Johnny Cash is insensitive, it usually gets a few laughs, and that`s good enough for him.

I wish the joke were on Boehner, and a miracle took place and the Republicans don`t regain control of the House.

Rosanne Cash was justified in calling Boehner an expletive, how dare he use Johnny Cash`s name as a punch line.

I urge all Johnny Cash fans to vote for the Democratic candidates tonight.

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