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Published:November 2nd, 2010 22:37 EST
Will Says... VOTE is a 4 letter word, but not a bad word! VOTE!

Will Says... VOTE is a 4 letter word, but not a bad word! VOTE!

By Will Roberts


Well we made it, Election Day, and not a moment too soon! Any more time with these politicians and we might start believing what they are feeding us. In recent weeks I have had the good fortune of speaking with some friends, new and old, about the state of our country. Luckily, we all agree on one thing, republican or democrat, and that is, it is still our country.
Although as the people of this country, we, for the most part get along. This you can see in such events as the Jon Stewart rally4Sanity, unless the rally was filled with only Democrats, a plot concocted by the left wingers, to make it look like Americans on all side are not divided. Although it is hard to tell these days if you see a large group of people all gathered together in a mall, it normally means it`s a rally of insanity, BOTH parties involved!
Today however, is a great day to be American and proudly show it... Oh, if you want to pick these Fine Americans out of a crowd, it`s easy. They are the ones with a sticker proudly displayed on their chest that says... I VOTED! The others that didn`t VOTE will be sitting quietly on the sidelines with their mouths closed for the next 2 years, right?
Your Friend,
Will Roberts
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