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Published:November 4th, 2010 21:08 EST
Will Says... Mr. Obama, I Want to Thank You Sir for Jumpstarting The Economy This Election Season

Will Says... Mr. Obama, I Want to Thank You Sir for Jumpstarting The Economy This Election Season

By Will Roberts

Well folks here we are a few days after the elections, all the attack ads off the air, all the signs off the streets, things are getting back to normal (unemployment down, foreclosures up...) for at least a day.

However, in the world of politics this is just a time to refuel with new ideas, or take the old ideas and spin them around till they look different to us.


While we Americans go back to our lives of hope, the politicians collect the data and assess what went wrong, or for the winners, what went right.


Now, for all of you that made the commitment to vote, I commend you, and for all of you that did not vote, I condemn you to suffer through all that will happen to our country until the next 2 years for this new government, the "Shift Change".


You can have an opinion in this country, voice it, dance it, sing it, but if you don`t vote, you are as useful as a car without gas. It sits there and blocks the moving traffic from going forward.


You can redeem yourself... Simply by registering to vote for the next elections now, so you don`t forget.

I do have a plan to get voter turnout better & make a little extra cash for the country.


Folks, I don`t think elections are a waste, BUT, the money spent is. This year it hit a billion dollars! This country needs money, so I have a plan:


Combine holidays with elections... We combined Halloween and Elections this year!


How about elections & 4th of July! Sell bottle rockets and fire them at the candidate of choice, 2 for a dollar, gives a whole different meaning to "Running 4 Office"


Message to the President:


Mr. President, I want to thank you Sir for jumpstarting the economy this election season. I don`t think Republicans, Democrats, or Tea Party folks can deny that you single handedly helped bring this election to a BILLION DOLLAR Bill, and that translates to WORK for Americans (TV people, who are normally out of work).


After all, if the Right did not dislike you as much as they do, they would not have spent so much attacking you and your administration. On the other hand, Democrats would not have spent so much money trying to defend themselves.


News Flash: Spend all the money in the world, Americans still think you political folks are just used car salesmen, with nice suits!


Your Friend,

Will Roberts


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