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Published:November 5th, 2010 13:30 EST

Outrage: Moron Pastor Claims Jesus Christ Was HIV Positive

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A South African pastor has provoked outrage after beginning a recent sermon with the claim that Jesus Christ was HIV-positive.

Xola Skosana stunned his congregation in Cape Town`s Khayelitsha Township with the bold statement, news of which then quickly spread across the country.
And Christians have reacted angrily, claiming it portrays Jesus as sexually promiscuous. " target=_new>Read more

By making the outlandish claim, the pastor hopes to remove the stigma attached to HIV in South Africa, where people with HIV/AIDS are treated like lepers.

But the only thing the reverend has accomplished is to stigmatize himself and his congregation. Skosana is now regarded as a man who will say anything for publicity, and his church members are regarded as dim-witted sheep enthralled by a con artist.

Pastor Skosana`s heart may be in the right place, he has lost two sister to AIDS, but his brain is missing in action.

To depict Jesus Christ as promiscuous is deeply offensive to Christians, and the minister should certainly know better than to utter such a sacrilegious statement.

If Christ were alive today he would minister to people who are infected with HIV, but he would shun religious idiots who love the spotlight.

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