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Published:November 6th, 2010 14:59 EST

Denver Says No To Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Denver voters decided not to roll out the red carpet for space aliens, soundly rejecting a ballot initiative that would have required the city to establish an Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee.


Even before the results came in, UFO buff Jeff Peckman, who ran the campaign for Initiative 300, was philosophical about the voters` verdict on his plan for the city to study reports of UFOs and develop protocols for welcoming aliens to the Mile High City.

Supporters of the measure that argued that it would position Denver as the Roswell of the Rockies and attract sci-fi and space-related business and tourism." Read More

Denver is renowned for its scenic mountains, generally sunny weather and action-oriented lifestyle. The Mile High City is famous for its large number of local and national breweries, the Denver Broncos, and the Denver Art Museum.

Denver is not known for UFO activity, it seems that extraterrestrial beings prefer to visit warmer cities like Roswell. It is patently absurd for Peckman to try to position Denver as a hub of UFO activity.

It would make more sense for Roswell, New Mexico or a city near Area 51 in Nevada to establish an Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee.

Jeff Peckman did a disservice to his cause with his ludicrous proposal. The good citizens of Denver soundly defeated Peckman`s ballot initiative, he needs to move to Roswell where his ballot initiative might be successful.

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