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Published:November 6th, 2010 17:45 EST
The Web Bot Project: Still Predicting Realities as Dooms Day Nears

The Web Bot Project: Still Predicting Realities as Dooms Day Nears

By Ron G Anselm


     I think more and more people that were new to the phenomenon of the Web Bot Project and were once skeptics are now taking a closer approach to reading and listening to the latest and future predictions of this myth that now seems to becoming more of a reality with each future prediction by it.

     In my last article on the Web Bot Project, I exclaimed how the project works and gave some past predictions that basically in all sense came true and were predicted to happen by Web Bot. Now, the researchers of this project have predicted what they are calling a Tipping Point " sometime this month to happen. What is being predicted is a global nuclear war is supposed to be triggered by a mistaken influence of Israel attacking Iran.

     Most of the Middle Eastern countries are almost trigger happy and are on edge with the war in Afghanistan, so I think the prediction by Web Bot could become a reality but again I have skepticism for a prediction this serious to happen at this point.

   There has been talk that Web Bot could predict World War III and the war will not be against the Soviet Union and the United States but more like a war against the Middle East specifically Iran. I know when I was in the Army we trained constantly to prepare for the Soviet Union to attack us and how militarily we could defeat them even though at that time we were basically outnumbered by troops and armor around three to one but now as we all know, we are fighting and facing a different kind of enemy than traditional warfare standards were in the past.

     If you know anything about the Web Bot Project then you know how it works by tracking keywords entered on the Internet, then it uses a technology called spiders " to crawl the Internet on major search engines like Google, and so on. It takes those keywords and records the text in the keyword before and after the word. The record then gets sent to another database and program and interprets the meaning of that keyword or what Web Bot thinks the meaning is.

     With everyone entering keywords over the past ten years and recently on the war in the Middle East, it`s probably no wonder Web Bot is predicting World War III to happen and it to happen in the Middle East. Of course, no computer technology is completely accurate because it is invented by humans, so this is the part of the Web Bot Project that leaves you wondering if you should really believe it or not but sort of makes it fun in a way. To me, it`s almost like a game where we are wondering what else the project is going to come up with next and is what it does come up with going to become a reality or not.

     As I read more and more about the research on the Web Bot Project and what researchers a saying about the predictions, how Web Bot came up with those specific predictions, and the reasoning behind it leaves me to favor of the skeptical side but still have the what if " doubt. I`m not one to normally believe in something like this unless I see it happen but I look at this as I said in a fun way just to see what may happen next.

     So, don`t hit Wal-Mart yet to stock your basement full of survival supplies, wait to see what future predictions the Web Bot Project comes up with and see if any of those predictions come true, then if so, clean out the local Wal-Mart and stock your basement full of supplies.