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Published:November 7th, 2010 09:37 EST
Not About You

Not About You

By Ed Roberts

Not About You


This isn`t about you


It`s about me


I was a teacher

Who was a victim of downsizing

Of consolidation


I was a construction worker

Whose company found out

It would be cheaper

To move their production

To some country

Over there somewhere


I was the secretary

Whose job was somehow defined

As muda

An unnecessary expense

Somehow though

My boss`s job was still important


I was a soldier

Who found out

That there were no jobs waiting

For someone who served their country

Then came home only half-a-man


I was a farmer

Who lost their land

When farming became a business

And there was no more room

For anything home grown



I am not a wino

A crackhead

Someone suffering from dementia

A sociopath

Or a bum

Believe me

I would be working every day

If I could



This isn`t about you

It`s about me


That`s right



A person who less than a year ago

Never thought anyone would look at them

And call them



Ed Roberts 11/05/10


Far too often we pretend security.

Far too many people understand this poem VERY well.