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Published:November 8th, 2010 09:51 EST
Insight Enabled With Audrey Michelle

Narcissism. ABUSED:The Victim Through The Eyes Of The Abuser

By Audrey Michelle

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Insight Enabled With Audrey Michelle  

Narcissism " ABUSED: The Victim Through The Eyes Of The Abuser

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Audrey Michelle & Sam Vaknin Narcissim Abuse Through The Eyes Of The Abuser

Spoken Word Artist, Author & Poet Audrey Michelle Welcomes Noted Narcissistic Expert Sam Vaknin, Directly From Macedonia.

Vaknin Is The Author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited. Narcissist Is A Title Synonymous With The Label Of Abuser. Vaknin Is Not Only An Expert On The Subject Of Narcissism But Also The Only Expert That Is A Narcissist Himself. Vaknin Is Well Read On The Topic Of Abuse But More Importantly His Education Comes From His Own, Real-Life Experiences.

In This Interview Vaknin Will Allow Us To View Abuse Through The Eyes Of An Abuser. Vaknin`s Talent Is His Ability To Express Facts Using Tangible Explanations. His Teaching Approach Enables Victims To Relate To His Knowledge Because He Possesses An Uncanny Ability To Describe Facts That Present As Too Personal To Be General.

Topics Of This Specific Discussion Will Include (But Will Not Be Limited To):

- Sex & The Narcissist
- In General & Within A Marriage
- Answers To The Question
- "Why Did You Stay With Him/Her?"
- "Will They Ever Change?"
- Who Stays, Who Leaves
- Leaving The Relationship, Advice On How To Successfully Leave An Abuser
- Societies View Of The Narcissist As Well As The Victim
- The Biggest Secret Of An Abuser
" Accurate, Real-Life, Explanations
- The Types Of Narcissists

Listeners Should Be Prepared To Be Shocked By Vaknin`s Ability To Answer Any Question With A Depth That Extends Past Any Assumed Possibility.

This Is A Show That Will Change Minds, Lives And Paradigms.

A MUST HEAR Radio Talk Show!

Sam Vaknin Malignant Self Love: Narcissim RevisitedAudrey Michelle Insight Enabled