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Published:November 8th, 2010 17:35 EST
Pastor says Bible is Not the Source of "Traditional" Family Values

Pastor says Bible is Not the Source of "Traditional" Family Values

By Tony Graff

Mark Barna, a writer on religion for the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper, claims that what we consider a traditional family, with two parents raising the children, is not in the Bible, and that the Bible does not support the idea. What the "good book" does say is that women are property and polygamy was acceptable. 

The first place he cites is the Ten Commandments. Number ten implies that a man`s wife, slaves, house, and livestock are equal in priority. Then he pulls out Matthew 10:37, which states that if we love mom or dad, brother or sister, more than the lord, then we are not worthy to be his disciples. 

What he concludes is that the traditional family is a by product of the 1950`s, to be an anchor in times that change. 

The only conclusion I gained from reading his article is that anyone can justify any action by means of the Bible. As much as I believe the Bible is the word of God, it`s nowhere near precise, and we only have ourselves to thank for it. 

We don`t have a single book in the Bible as accurate as when it fell from the pen of the author. These books have been translated, retranslated, carefully filtered, ignorantly rewritten, and refined by people who wanted to see scripture fit their own needs. 

For example, KFC used to have a slogan, "finger-licking good." Japan had a little issue with this slogan when it was translated, then translated back to English. It said "finger biting good." Not good for advertising. 

Just as much as Mark Barna claims the family as we see it was created in the 1950`s by conservatives, there is equal support that can be found in the scriptures for that family that we see. Genesis teaches us that a man is to leave his father and mother -implication that they are equal- and cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one -another implication that man and woman are equal.- (Genesis 2:24) Another verse that implies gender equality is found in the ten commandments: Honor thy father and thy mother. (Exodus 20:12) The Savior, Jesus Christ, was subject to his parents -plural.- (Luke 2:51)

The family structure is the oldest organization we as God`s children have. A mother, father, and children have been around, according to scripture, longer than governments have existed. One of the most intimate titles of God himself is Our Father in Heaven. He calls us His children. It sounds like family is important to Him, too. 
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