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Published:November 8th, 2010 17:32 EST
Trust The Experts at Old Bike Barn and Restore Your Vintage Bike Back To Its Original Glory

Trust The Experts at Old Bike Barn and Restore Your Vintage Bike Back To Its Original Glory

By Anne Laszlo Howard

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 11/08/10  " Old Bike Barn`s motto is:    A site by bikers, for bikers, " and for those seeking the best replacement parts for their cherished ride, there really is no better source on the Internet.

Trying to find parts for vintage Japanese and European motorcycles can make the task of rebuilding or restoring one of these bikes practically impossible, Old Bike Barn makes it easy.

NOS parts are often little more than universal-use electrical parts, while aftermarket supplies are limited to only the most popular motorcycles built at the time.

Old Bike Barn aka OBB puts everything they carry online, no matter how old the bike is, or how many they sell per year. They accomplished this feat with great merchandise and technical know-how. The result is the ability to search for parts by Model 1969 to the present with full color photos and specifications.

Old Bike Barn trustworthy experts all pay attention to clients` feedback by continually improving its services and responding promptly. Here are just a few of the great features on the latest version of

    * 24/7 ticket system with a 24-hour response time;
    * voice message system with call-backs the following business day or sooner if no live representative is available;
    * live Chat on the site during business hours;
    * a stellar Blog and a newsletter filled with tech tips, editorials, product reviews, promotions, a bit of humor and more.

Old Bike Barn prides itself in being the most user-friendly vintage motorcycle parts retailer on the Internet, and it shows.  Rather than a detached, SUV-loving crew of computer techs, the crew at this family-run business is the kind of approachable, fun-loving bikers you are most  likely to find at your local cruise-in.  Ask a question, and the depth of experience and honesty you will find at Old Bike Barn will give you the insight to complete your project, whether it`s your dad`s old late-sixties Honda restoration, or a custom café-racer.

Many of the parts you will be able to find at Old Bike Barn, are not to be found elsewhere on the Internet, or are so outrageously priced, that they`ll make your head spin.  Old Bike Barn`s expert team, take a vested interest in keeping the classics running rather than rusting, and making it happen in a way that helps, rather than hinders, the people who love the classic bikes as much as the crew at Old Bike Barn do.

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About the author:

    Old Bike Barn has spent over a decade perfecting its online tools, offering parts for models 1969 to present day with a special focus on supporting bikes 10 years and older and the enthusiasts that ride them. Whether it`s a Vintage bike or a new one, can help you with great features like live chat and 24/7-support ticket system as well as a stellar Blog and Newsletter that includes tech tips, jokes, editorials, product reviews, promotions and more this is truly a by bikers for bikers business.

Order online at Please e-mail us at  to request an interview. Follow us on Twitter @oldbikebarn .

original news source: RushPRNews