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Published:November 9th, 2010 11:00 EST
Merapi Volcano Death Toll Rises to 156

Merapi Volcano Death Toll Rises to 156

By Tony Graff

The Merapi volcano, which began erupting on the 26th of October and is still erupting, has now claimed 156 lives in Indonesia. Scientists in the archipelago aren`t giving any indication that it`s going to let up any time soon, but are widening the volcano`s danger zone to 12 miles. 

With 156 dead, another 218 reported missing in nearby villages, and over 450 reported injured, Indonesians aren`t seeing a lot of comfort. On Sunday pyroclastic flows, scorching spews of gas and rock, were seen on the south side of the deadly volcano, one of the many that dot the islands. Temperatures of those flows measured up to over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

If that wasn`t enough, rumblings in 21 nearby volcanoes have sparked the fear of a chain eruption all across Indonesia. Geologists report that it is unlikely to happen, but all agree that this volcano isn`t going to let up soon. 

People worldwide, however, are speculating that before Merapi will stop erupting, it will produce an eruption like we haven`t seen in over 10,000 years, and plunge the world into another Ice Age. A different volcano (Lake Toba, in Sumatra) caused an ice age 75,000 years ago, and people have been chomping at the bit to see Yellowstone produce it`s "overdue" super eruption that would cause global cooling and eradicate much of our species. 

The Indonesian people, while displaced throughout the country, are seeing this as a sign. While it`s not necessarily Apocalyptic as most of Western society would believe, they have seen natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and eruptions, as a telling of their leaders: usually of their strengths, but more so of their vices, such as poor leadership, greed and cruelty. 
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