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Published:November 9th, 2010 14:58 EST

Video: Mystery Missile Launch Off CA Coast, Millions Baffled Including Pentagon

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The mystery of a missile launch last night off the Southern California coast deepened today as U.S. military officials said they were still checking to see if the missile was one of theirs.

missile launch

The unmistakable contrail of a missile streaking into the California sunset was captured on video last night by a KCBS news helicopter flying over Los Angeles at around 5 p.m. Pacific time.

The missile firing drew more attention when local news stations were told by Navy and Air Force officials that they did not launch a missile last night."

It`s been a day since the mysterious missile launch, and the Pentagon still doesn`t have any answers for the American public.

"I have nothing," said Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesperson, on Tuesday morning.

The only thing that the military can say for certain is that they had no involvement in the launch.

It`s OK for a blogger or a pundit to declare: I have nothing! But we demand an explanation from our military and political leaders.

NORAD, USNORTHCOM, and the Pentagon need to make solving this mystery their number one priority.