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Published:November 10th, 2010 11:20 EST
eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long And His Wig Deserve To Be In Con Artists Hall Of Fame

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bishop Eddie Long, facing a string of legal problems, may not speak at The Stand Campaign, a popular religious rally that draws tens of thousands and is set for Saturday at the Georgia Dome.

Or maybe he will.

eddie long

Cory `CoCo Brother` Condrey, a radio show host and organizer of the event, said he recently talked with Long for about an hour by phone. He said Long told him that `if I`m going to be a distraction and stop people from coming into the kingdom of God, it might be best if I`m not there.`"

Not only should Bishop Eddie Long refrain from speaking at the religious rally, but he should also step down as pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

The disgraced minister is a walking sideshow, and his appearance at the religious convention will distract from any genuine preaching that may take place.

I find it laughable that Long purports to be worried that he may be a distraction! If the flimflam artist doesn`t want to be a distraction, then why the hell does he wear that ridiculous Jheri Curl toupee. The African-American Elmer Gantry can get away with preaching any nonsense from the pulpit, because his congregation is mesmerized by his wig. Long`s wig is so larger-than-life that it should receive equal billing: Come to New Birth and be blessed by God! The dynamic duo of Bishop Eddie Long and the Fabulous Jheri Curl Wig will energize your spirit and refresh your soul!

If Long`s followers aren`t bamboozled, befuddled and discombobulated by his hairpiece, they will surely be taken aback by his pimp on steroids outfits. The effete televangelist has a penchant for wearing skin-tight muscle shirts and flashy clothes. When I see the muscle-bound preacher on TV, all I can think is "How can this fool find time to read the Bible, and pray when he obviously spends hours every day working out?"

Even in the glitzy, campy, and outrageous world of TV evangelism Bishop Eddie Long stands out. Long is a distraction and an offense against God, he should resign from the ministry.

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