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Published:November 10th, 2010 16:41 EST
sri lanka

Sri Lankan Cops Crackdown On Porn Stars

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sri Lankan newspapers on Tuesday published pictures of mainly women police said had acted in locally produced pornographic films, part of a court-ordered crackdown and the latest sign of growing social conservatism.

sri lanka

Police have identified 83 people they say have acted in the films found on websites, and got a court order to have media outlets publish their pictures to help locate the suspects.

The move is part of a crackdown on pornography in the Indian Ocean nation of 21 million. The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has already blocked around 100 porn sites and police have been arresting people with porn in their mobile phones." Reuters

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist majority nation, and it`s alarming that repressive measures usually associated with Muslim countries are being put in place in this beautiful nation.

Modern sensibilities and traditional values have co-existed well until recently. There is also a move to ban alcohol and American rap stars from Sri Lanka. No porn, rap or alcohol? Why the heck would any tourist want to visit this backwards country?

Porn actresses don`t pose a threat to the stability of Sri Lanka, the police should focus on capturing criminals and leave the poor women alone.

If a porn star moved into my neighborhood, it wouldn`t be the police but porn fans who would track her down in search of an autograph or photograph.

I wish my local newspaper would publish pictures of porn stars, instead of mug shots of dastardly criminals.

Tourists who values freedom and liberty should stay away from Sri Lanka.

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