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Published:November 10th, 2010 19:08 EST
Will Says... Dems, you need a woMAN in the House! Pelosi!

Will Says... Dems, you need a woMAN in the House! Pelosi!

By Will Roberts

Folks, I want to start off by telling you readers that I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. No, as a matter of fact, I had more like a plastic Spork. I am not telling you all this so you will read my comments in sympathy. No, I am letting you know the angle I come from when it comes to this subject I speak to you about today... Being bullied. Now, this is not going to be about kids being bullied in school, although politicians are just kids that want their way all the time. Then if they don`t get it they stomp their feet and . . . filibuster.

That`s right; I am talking about politicians and specifically, Democrats and this recent spanking they got from the Republicans.

See, when I grew up if someone was picking on you; you had two choices in the matter. You could run or you could face them. The advantage of facing your bully was knowing that even if you lost, you would be able to either walk by them in school after this confrontation with your head held high or held low to hide the black eye.

Problem with Democrats and I do mean you, MR President is that you have sustained multiple black eyes, (NO PUN INTENDED). Yet you keep walking by the Republicans for more. You either have to take another route to where you are going (with the American people) or get some big Democratic friends, who act more like Republicans, you know, guns and war and freedom to scrap. Note to Republicans: these traits I attached to your party are good Old Fashioned American traits; don`t ever lose `um`, just learn when to use them. Right now with our country with the shape it is in, act more like a Democrat, BI-partisan.

Anyhow, Mr. President and fellow Democrats, you need to, and I hate to say this, MAN UP! And if you boys can`t do it, I know a woMAN who can, PELOSI!

I don`t know much about the politics of why she shouldn`t be head of the house, or why she should. I have a feeling that both sides could debate that all day long, and they will. But, I will say we are not talking about a school teacher that has no experience, whom you found off the streets. Nancy Pelosi is known for steppin` up to the plate and driving a few runs home. Plus, when she speaks, EVERYONE listens!

* Behind every great man... is a woman. In front of him, to show him the way, "cause guys are bad at directions! - Will Roberts

Hint, hint!
Your Friend,
Will Roberts 

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