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Published:November 12th, 2010 14:42 EST

US Marshals Service To Auction Bernie Madoff's Boxer Shorts

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The U.S. Marshals Service said Bernie Madoff items headed for auction in New York include a $300,000 diamond ring and the Ponzi scheme fraudster`s boxer shorts.

The Marshals Service, which is handling the sale of Madoff`s possessions to benefit the victims of the fraud, said the Saturday auction will feature the $300,000 diamond engagement ring the jailed Madoff gave his wife, Ruth, as well as 109 used pairs of socks and 11 pairs of unused boxer shorts, the New York Post reported Thursday." UPI


This auction stinks to high heaven, but at least the proceeds will benefit the victims of the fraud.

If Lindsay Lohan auctioned the panties that she wore behind bars, they might bring in more than Madoff`s diamond ring. But I doubt that Madoff`s boxer shorts will sell for more than a few bucks.

I need a pairs of socks, but I think I would get a better deal at Kmart. I have no desire to own a pair of Madoff`s boxer shorts, even though they are unused, the thought of wearing them stinks.

Madoff may not know the meaning of shame, but I hope he`s at least slightly embarrassed at the prospect of his underwear headed for auction.

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