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Published:November 13th, 2010 10:48 EST
Four-Hundred, Thirteen Days and Counting Until 2012: Web Bot and Other Phenomenon keeps everyone Wondering

Four-Hundred, Thirteen Days and Counting Until 2012: Web Bot and Other Phenomenon keeps everyone Wondering

By Ron G Anselm

     This phenomenon has really turned out to be like a science fiction movie. Web Bot almost has established a fan base of its own with everyone reading about the latest predictions, the updated information, and what future predictions may happen; the big prediction being the end of time in 2012.

     When I first started to read about Web Bot I was very skeptical about it and thought it was just a made up piece of science fiction make believe that held no solid concrete evidence that whatever it is predicting will happen; that is until recently.

     Yes, for everyone that is keeping up with Web Bot we all hear about a latest prediction that happened or came close to happening because Web Bot analyzed some keyword off the Internet and came up with what it interpreted as the meaning of that keyword, then predicted that meaning to happen and it did or came close to happening as to what Web Bot said would happen.

     Now, it seems science has taken a front page in the news with other possibilities that may occur here in the near future. One of those possibilities that is being watched right now is the possibility of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack. The definition of an EMP attack is a burst of electromagnetic radiation that normally results from an explosion from either a nuclear weapon or a detonating device that creates a sudden electromagnetic field. With the predictions by Web Bot of an all out war with Iran or another country due to a nuclear weapon attack this sort of does make sense of the possibility of an EMP Attack against our country becoming a reality.

     The EMP Attack would affect our National Energy Grid which is owned in pieces by many large corporations but none of those large corporations are really doing anything about this potential threat. In large corporations there are politics and this to me sounds like large corporate politics because no one wants to spend the money to safeguard our national security from the civilian side of it but from the government side of it our government is taking steps through the military to safeguard our military systems against type of an attack but that is only our military systems not our Electronic Grid.

      Our country has become a huge bull`s eye in the past ten years and I can say from serving in the military our government does take huge steps and spend large sums of money to protect our country but will that be enough to keep us safe? There are many forms of attacks our enemies could take to try to hurt us but the EMP Attack stands out the most.

     There are three different types of EMP Attacks. One of those attacks could come in the form of solar flares from the sun. What happens is those solar flares carry magnetic pulses and those magnetic pulses could and more than likely would fry microchips and disrupt any electronic device. This would be extremely catastrophic to us because most of our technology is dependent on some form of computerized technology. Imagine losing all of our capability for the use of computers or electronics. Our transportation systems would be paralyzed, all of our data on computers that are stored in microchips would be lost, and basically our society would come to a complete stand still. Imagine losing your life savings because of your bank lost all computer data and back-up data. These are just a few possibilities out of thousands that could happen if our computers and electronics were lost due to this type of EMP Attack.

     The second form of an EMP Attack could come in the form of a nuclear blast. If one of our enemies specifically Iran which we know is still in the stages of developing nuclear capability behind the scenes were to finally accomplish this and decided to launch an nuclear missile in our direction and that missile not necessarily targeted any of our major cities but exploded over two-hundred miles in the atmosphere above our country would still completely destroy our electronic grid, leave us paralyzed and knock our power leaving our country in complete darkness.

     We might as-well go back two-hundred years because this is the position our country would be put in. No lights, no planes being able to fly, hospitals and banks would be in a complete stand still and even little things like elevators would stop working among every other running entities that relayed on some sort of power device to be able to function.

      This type of EMP Attack would not only hurt us but also hurt our neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico. So, I guess you can say we are not alone in this. It sort of goes like this, any nation that has high-technology and is extremely technology advanced like we are in this country  is at the most vulnerability to this type of attack and would be hurt the most if this attack were to happen.

     The third type of EMP Attack could come in the form of Radio Frequency Weapons. This form of attack comes in a much smaller scale. It would take place from a much smaller EMP device which could be carried in a briefcase, a car, an SUV, or whatever. This type of weapon is almost the equalivent to sitting in a tactical setting, taking aim, and firing at your target or mark. The weapons would target specific settings such as the Pentagon, banks, Social Security Administration, or say anything that would have or carry sensitive data which would also include financial information.

    This has happened in the past and is proven to be effective. In 1962, our military set off an EMP burst at a high altitude over Hawaii and all electronic systems in that state were affected for a while. And the threat of solar flares triggered by some sort of EMP blast is also real and has happened in the past. In 1859 which was the age of primitive electronics such as telegraphs and so on was affected by a solar flare. There was no device that set off the solar flare because there we no such thing as any type of device that could cause an EMP Attack back then but there was a such thing as solar flares. There was also another documented incident of communications being affected in 1921 by another solar flare. So, the threat is real and has proven to be effective. With electronics being affected due to this type of an attack would leave a major city in complete darkness.

     In 1977 and I remember hearing about this on the news, New York City suffered a blackout which froze the city completely and caused looting, stores being vandalized, and many other crimes which resulted in over 3000 people being arrested. Imagine if all our major cities were to blackout all at once as a result of an EMP Attack, the results would be devastating.

     More needs to be done to safeguard our electronic grid from any type of attack. The only way this is going to happen is if the corporations that own a piece of that electronic grid take the necessary steps in spending money to do more to protect it. This is a case where no one should say, Something like this will never happen " Or, wait until it does happen and our country is a position of, stick your head between your legs and kiss your behind goodbye. " Something needs to be done now.

     How does this all tie into Web Bot? Well, think of the meaning of Web Bot and what the predictions have been and are in the future. Maybe this is how time is going to end or maybe this is just more hype on something that may or may not happen or be real but the questions is, Are you going to take that chance of blowing off the possibility? I guess we will see what happens here in the next four-hundred and thirteen days from now.