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Published:November 14th, 2010 23:21 EST
Accepting or Shirking Responsibilities Are Options

Accepting or Shirking Responsibilities Are Options

By Ignatius Fernandez

"People need responsibility. They resist assuming it, but they cannot get along without it." John Steinbeck.

On November 4 between 1 and 2 AM (Singapore time) we watched President Obama`s press conference, after the mid-term election results were announced. His Party had suffered a battering in the House of Representatives and managed to hold on to a slender lead in the Senate. It was not a good time to face the press. Yet, with composure and dignity he fielded questions (some tricky ones too) to give the American people and the World an answer they were looking for - the future would be better than the past.

What struck us during the one hour press-meet was his courage and humility to accept responsibility for the current state of affairs. He did not offer excuses; did not look for scapegoats; did not pass the buck. Instead, the man that he is, he took it on his chin and promised to work harder to deliver better results. In the words of R. L. Stevenson he was like a clock in a thunderstorm - ticking away despite the storm raging around him. What a man!

When things go wrong, how do we react? Get into the blame-game? Look for excuses? Nail others?
What we do is a reflection on who we are. When there is courage in us we will own up. When there is humility in our hearts we will not be ashamed to accept responsibility. The blame-game will not stop until we decide to end it; unless we teach our children to face the consequences of their actions, our legacy to them
will be poor. We have much to learn from President Obama!