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Published:November 14th, 2010 23:10 EST
LazyDay Publishing

LazyDay Publishing

By W. C. Hewitt

The future of storytelling comes alive, December 1st, 2010 when LazyDay Publishing enters the digital publishing market.

Promising to be available in all formats the organizers of LazyDay, Mark McConnell and Staci Helling, have managed to assemble an impressive gathering of founding authors which include: George Pappas (Monogamy Sucks), Alta Hensley (Traditional Love), Amy le Blanc (Dark Rogue), Jack Hessey (Steam Queen), John Dragona (Unlikely Love), Melissa Ecker (Seduction in Memory Grove Series: Pull The Trigger, Mount Up and Feed the Fire), Mik Wilkens (The Silver Cage), W.C. Hewitt (Deceit), J.M. Kelley (Drew in Blue), Liz Borino (Expectations), Michael Brett Hood (Jericho`s Walls), Thomas Drinkard (Piety and Murder), Joe Ritz (I Never Looked for My Mother), Graham Mole (Paper Chain) and Elaine Dyer (Mindset).

Check out the LazyDay website at on December 1st, 2010