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Published:November 14th, 2010 17:08 EST
Will Says... FOX Says... That Washington Post Says... Obama 1 Term President!

Will Says... FOX Says... That Washington Post Says... Obama 1 Term President!

By Will Roberts

FoIks, I made my cartoon today and in reading through the Examiner I stumble on to Ryan Witt`s story on the Washington Post article, suggesting that our President not run for a second term.  This coming off the heels of FOX News making the statement about Obama being a 1 term President.

Here the link to Ryan`s story, take a read, and here is my cartoon for the day, plus my comments to Ryan`s story.

Ryan, I totally agree with your points! It is crazy to think that Republicans really have anything but their own interests at hand (tax cuts for the rich & 2012 presidency). To say that President Obama should consider calling it quits so the Republicans can feel he has the country`s problems in the forefront of his mind. Well it is arrogant and should show the voters that the republicans are not interested in working with this President UNLESS! it is on their terms & one term.

The Republicans are focusing on the wrong problems and the wrong goal. Maybe it is just a low self-esteem issue because of the "Last 8 Years" and how we let a president run the country by his knowledge of our country, (WMD`s, 911 ) ...

Maybe they are more interested in the fight (the thrill of victory) than the prize (the American people).

The President and the Democrats need to start standing up to Republicans and not sitting down on the job for the next two years. They need to change history books. From LAME DUCK session to: you boys better DUCK! `cause the Democrats are coming out swinging!`

The Washington Post says there will be a grid lock on getting anything done... Tell them to take a look at Republicans` track record on the past 18 months. How many bills the Republicans have blocked.

Oh, by the way, about the Democratic strategist; there is no such thing as a Democrat at Fox News. If you think there is, may I have a little time to tell you the story about the wolf in the sheep`s clothing?

Will`s prediction: I hope I am wrong!

The math on this is simple; Palin runs in 2012; a third party shows up; none of the parties get enough votes; hmmmm who will decide who will win?... House of Representatives? I wonder how that will fall!

Your Friend,

Will Roberts

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