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Published:November 14th, 2010 09:54 EST
blind experience

Would You Dine At A Pitch-Black Restaurant Staffed By Blind Waiters?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"At Dans le Noir? New York, blind waiters will serve French cuisine in a windowless space with no light.

`It`s a sensory culinary experience,` Manager Celine Djezvedjian told the New York Daily News. `This is an experience that will allow people to discover and rediscover the food and wine they already know.`

blind experience

In the six years the restaurant has operated in Paris, there has not been a single accident caused by darkness, she said, and branches have opened in London and Moscow."


When patrons enter the dining establishment they will have to hand over cell phones and other electronic devices that light up.

A blind server will lead guests to a table in the dining area.

This is the worst idea I`ve heard in a long time. You can`t fully appreciate your meal if you can`t see it. I want to see the juices dripping from my delicious hamburger, and I want to see my french fries bathed in ketchup.

How can you enjoy a romantic dinner if you can`t see your date? This is sheer madness!

If a customer needs to use the restroom, a waiter will guide him to the John. I don`t relish the idea of being treated like a child.

How will a customer know he`s getting the meal he ordered, if he can`t see?

The real reason for the darkness may be that the owner wants to save on his electric bill.

I pray that the lights will go out in this restaurant for good.

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