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Published:November 15th, 2010 14:02 EST
dick van dyke

Fishy Story: Dick Van Dyke Claims Porpoises Saved His Life

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star Dick Van Dyke has revealed he was once adrift at sea - and rescued by a pod of porpoises.

The sprightly 84-year-old actor told US chat show host Craig Ferguson he fell asleep on a 10ft surfboard off Virginia Beach on the east coast of America.

dick van dyke

When he woke up, he was drifting in the ocean and surrounded by what he first took to be sharks.

Dick said: `I woke up out of sight of land and I started seeing fins swimming around me.`"


Van Dyke doesn`t say when the surreal event took place, but it must have occurred decades ago. The beloved TV actor can`t put on his Depends without help, let alone go surfing.

Dick`s fishy tail sounds like a drug-fueled dream. I once had a similar dream, only I was making love with Angelina Jolie on a surfboard off Virginia beach, and I threw rocks at a pod of porpoises who were disturbing our romantic interlude.

Let`s hope that Dick is desperate for publicity and not senile.

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