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Published:November 15th, 2010 13:37 EST
What's with Dalton McGuinty?

What's with Dalton McGuinty?

By W. C. Hewitt

Why won`t he resign over the HST?

The Liberal juggernaut in Ontario continues to make all sensible taxpayers shake their down trodden heads. After stealing billions of dollars from the public with an illegal and unnecessary Health tax McGuinty`s government has swooped down on the middle and lower class families with high hydro charges and his damnable HST.

When will this incompetent realize that sooner or later the bubble has to burst and unlike his federal icon before him, King Jean Cretien (who ran for cover once the people got wind of his governments intentions and scandalous actions and sweated out a public inquiry over missing funds), is he capable of showing dignity by resigning as did the British Columbia Premier when his constituents demanded he use common sense and scrap the HST?

Unfortunately I don`t think dignity or integrity are in Ontario`s Premier`s vocabulary. With thousands of Ontario residents being forced out of their homes by high taxes and unruly and totally obscene public utility charges shouldn`t the Federal government start making inquiries especially towards the Liberals mismanagement of public funds and the suddenly lucrative personal assets of members in the McGuinty cabinet?

Show some class Dalton! Resign! Resign! Resign!