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Published:November 16th, 2010 10:31 EST
'Heart to Heart' Conclave Joins Political Notables From Both Sides of Jammu and Kashmir

'Heart to Heart' Conclave Joins Political Notables From Both Sides of Jammu and Kashmir

By SOP newswire2

High Summit between Sardar Qayyum & Bhim Singh

Prof. Bhim Singh , Chairman, National Panthers Party and Member, National Integration Council met Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, Supermo of the ruling Muslim Conference of the Pakistan controlled region of Jammu and Kashmir and worked a detailed programme for holding the Third Intra J&K `Heart to Heart` Conclave among the political and intellectual notables from both sides of Jammu and Kashmir.

The third conclave is likely to be held in Delhi, Capital of India in the middle of December according to a spokesperson of the conclave.   The first Intra J&K `Heart to Heart` Conclave was held in 2005 in Delhi and second in 2007 in Delhi too.

Both Conclaves were convened by Prof. Bhim Singh as convenor and chaired By the senior most Ruling Muslim Conference Supremo, Sardar Mohd. Abdul Qayum Khan. The noted leaders and intellectuals from both sides of J&K including representatives of Gilgit and Baltistan participated. Both the Governments allowed visa facilities.

The leaders of both sides had made several recommendations to the Govt. of India and the Govt. of Pakistan to build confidence measures among the people of both sides. Prof. Bhim Singh flew from India to meet Sardar Qayyum Khan and had detailed on the agenda of the Third `Heart to Heart` Conclave. Both of them had been working for this project since 1991 when they met first in Vienna.

Prof. Bhim Singh has proposed that an advisory Council of five senior J&K leaders may be proposed which shall guide the Intra J&K conclave to create a climate in the sub-region to ensure that both India and Pakistan may be encouraged to take steps for accepting their co-existence by developing trust which is in deficit this day. Two leaders assisted by their associates continued their discussion for two days.

It was also decided to invite the genuine representatives of all the political groups. Sardar Qayyum Khan desired a discussion with the Indian and Pakistani intellectuals and political representatives also beside the Intra J&K `Heart to Heart` Conclave in Delhi.