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Published:November 16th, 2010 12:17 EST
Will Says... Las Vegas, holier than thou, but not holier than Colorado!

Will Says... Las Vegas, holier than thou, but not holier than Colorado!

By Will Roberts

Folks, I hope you will all join me in my newest campaign "Make Las Vegas, Nevada the Holiest place in the USA."  See, looking through the wires today I noticed a story from Men`s Health magazine. It was titled: Holy Hometowns and it was a list of the top 100 holiest places in the USA. At the top of the list, at #1 was Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Now first off, I have been there and indeed it is God`s country. But, far from any type of temptation exists there. What`s the worst that could happen there? You could take a camping trip and leave your cans in the garbage and not recycle them; big deal, certainly, not a SIN. I think a holy city has to have a little more bad in it. And you already know what my take on it is, LasVegas! We have the most tempting city in the US of A. In the daytime you can drink as early as you want and you can dress like you are hitting the clubs.

Of course, most of those folks are coming from being at the clubs the night before. You can gamble your life away 24/7. At night you have clubs, gambling, more clubs, more gambling, strip clubs; we have anything. We don`t get a lot of politicians that visit the strip. Just the name alone next to their name could shut down their campaign. Yet folks still walk away saying "God, I Love Vegas!"

It`s easy to have faith when it surrounds you, but when it`s nowhere to be found; now that deserves a gold star or a glowing halo!

I`m not bitter about these finding, but I will tell you I am a little confused by some of the others that beat us out. I mean, folks, we have 50-60 wedding chapels, 150,000 weddings a year; you can have Elvis the King at your wedding, and you can do it for $50 and at a drive through. (That parts not a sin, it`s a crime.)

That being said, we were beat out by Anchorage, AK, I bet that statistic has changed since Palin left office.

Ok, here is the biggie, #44 Washington, DC! Wow, that one floors me. Most of those boys over there in Washington, if they step foot over the doorway of a church, I bet they would burst into flames. And, if you watch or listen to any of the political talk shows, you would swear the devil lives in that town. Their antics make gambling look like a game of pitching pennies. Still, they beat us out. I guess I didn`t take into consideration how much saving Washington DC needs and that must mean that folks are doubling up on their church going and their praying. Plus, the recent turn of the house and the tables, I bet our President alone will get Washington up to #1 in the next two years.

In closing, Men`s Magazine, I hope you read this and if you magazine folks won`t consider taking a closer look at Las Vegas and our Holiness for next year`s ratings, then don`t consider coming here to Vegas when you need to do a spread on the hottest men in the US. I am sure the boys over at "Thunder Down Under" or "Chippendale`s" will be busy... Washing their hair or dancing for bachelorette parties.

PS: You obviously didn`t come here to Nevada; if you did, you certainly didn`t go into the casinos. There is more praying and references to God and Jesus than anywhere else in the country.

Your friend,

Will Roberts

Folks, please try to leave a comment, good or bad, at least were talking, and that is what missing in our world today!  - Will

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