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Published:November 18th, 2010 14:17 EST
Bhim Singh Praises Iraqi President For Moving Forward With Change

Bhim Singh Praises Iraqi President For Moving Forward With Change

By SOP newswire2

Bhim Singh praises Iraqi President for refusing to sign death of Tariq Aziz  Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party, Member, National Integration Council and a well-known friend of Iraq President Saddam Hussein today praised present Iraqi President Mr. Jalal Talabani for his courageous, visionary and daring step to refuse signing death warrants of Mr. Tariq Aziz who has been condemned to death by a semi-military court working under the dictates of USA.

The Panthers Party Chairman was addressing the Indo-Arab Solidarity Committee in London late last evening on the present conflict created by the military intervention of Anglo-American Bloc in Iraq in violation of the Charter of the United Nations. The Indian jurist known for his brave friendship with the people of Iraq and Palestine who was named by President Saddam Hussein as one of his counsels said that Mr. Talabani deserves appreciations for showing his guts to say no to the dictates of the so-called `New World Order` authored by President Bush only to demolish governance in Iraq and liquidate President Saddam Hussein. 

Prof. Bhim Singh last week had written a strong letter to US President Barack Hussein Obama during his visit to India urging for his intervention to save the life of Mr. Tariq Aziz who was one of the most talented foreign ministers in the Arab World and who successfully brought Iraq on the map of international fraternity. He had warned Iraq government of unimaginable catastrophe in case Mr. Tariq Aziz was hanged. The Indian noted radical political personality with his 20 years long association with President Saddam Hussein, Iraq and Yasir Arafat made a compassionate appeal to the political and social activists and civil societies all over the world to ensure that the present Iraqi President is not brought under undue pressure by the Anglo-American Bloc who intend to demolish the Arab pride, economy, culture and history at all levels so that their (Anglo-Americans) only interest, `Oil` in the Middle East remains unshaken.

The Indian Human Right activist and barrister-at-law, Prof. Bhim Singh urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to convey India`s message to the Iraqi President that India`s support to Mr. Talabani in his resolve is unequivocal.  Iraqi President while refusing to sign the death warrants of Tariq Aziz had said yesterday that, "I cannot sign an order of this kind because I am a socialist.

I feel compassion for Tariq Aziz because he is a Christian, an Iraqi Christian. In addition, he is an elderly man-aged over 70-and this is why I will never sign this order."  Prof. Bhim Singh in his communication to the Iraqi President expressed happiness on Mr. Talaban`s bold declaration as was urged by Prof. Bhim Singh last week.

Mr. Abdul Aziz, Secretary Indo-Arab Solidarity Committee