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Published:November 18th, 2010 12:22 EST
bristol palin

Dude Goes Bonkers Shoots TV After Watching Bristol Palin Dance On DWTS

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 67-year-old man from Wisconsin was arrested by police yesterday for shooting his TV because he was so enraged with Bristol Palin`s moves on Dancing With The Stars.

bristol palin

Steven Cowan apparently told authorities that he felt Bristol was not a good dancer and was only on the show because of her famous mother, former presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

After Monday`s show when Bristol performed the Paso Doble with her partner Mark Ballas, Cowan got so angry that he fired at his TV set." " target=_new>Read more

Bristol Palin should never have been chosen to be a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars" Hello! Bristol isn`t a movie star, TV actress, singer, and she`s definitely isn`t a dancer. Bristol only has a talent for spitting out babies, she will soon catch up with her mother in that department, and for writing obscene messages on FaceBook.

There is only one plausible explanation why Bristol hasn`t been eliminating from DWTS, there`s an organized Tea Party voting block.

The average person recoils with horror when he sees Bristol "dancing" on the popular reality show.

Cowan suffers from bipolar disorder and he is under stress from a financial situation, and Bristol`s performance was the last straw. The poor man lost it, and blasted his TV with a shotgun.

If Bristol wins DWTS it will be proof than anything can happen in this world. Dear Holy Jesus Christ, it means that Sarah Palin might be the next President of the United States. I`d better get rid of my shotgun, I may kill myself in Bristol wins DWTS.

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