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Published:November 18th, 2010 22:22 EST
The Do's and Don'ts of God

The Do's and Don'ts of God

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Andrew Wittman`s Book Covenant for Rookies Tells Us What We Long to Know

Covenant for Rookies is an easy-to-read, sometimes humorous, must-read new book from author Andrew Wittman. It explains the meaning of life, the truth of God`s words, in terms that make sense to ordinary everyday people... those who`ve suspected all along that there`s a whole lot more to all this God stuff than the obligatory Sunday church visit.

Covenant for Rookies is for anyone who has ever asked God why: Why does He let bad things happen? Why does He do things the way He does them? The book puts into everyday, simple terms what lies behind a person`s faith, and seeks to shed light on why people believe what they believe.

"I hope believers -- new and fully-seasoned, Christians and non-believers alike -- will wholly enjoy their relationship with God, experience significance and a life that counts," says Wittman. "The book has already drawn in non-believers who`ve seen how good God is, and what a great life this can really be."

Based on a series of messages Wittman taught in early 2005, Covenant for Rookies sets out to give people an understanding of God`s character, to bridge the gulf between what religion teaches, and what God intended. The author began writing Covenant for Rookies in 2007, and completed it while on tour in Afghanistan in 2010.

"Many of the non-Christian guys in Afghanistan bought the book and devoured it," says Wittman. "They let me know how much it changed their lives for the better, their relationships with God; they said the book helped them to understand why things happen in life. These were men who`d checked out of church, or rejected religion. The one thing they all had in common is a burning desire to understand why God does what He does... the Covenant answers this universal question."

Covenant for Rookies lays out in an easy-to-read format, all the tools people need to begin to enjoy a significant, fulfilling life -- one in which they can have fun, too -- while offering readers behind-the-scenes answers to why God does what He does. The author`s wisdom helps guide readers toward an understanding of the Bible`s many secrets. Wittman offers solutions that can help put an end, he says, to most of the bad things that happen to people in their lives.

"I`m motivated by wanting to live a great life, and make the price that Jesus paid for us to have that great life, worth it," says Wittman. "I never want to waste His sacrifice."

About Andrew Wittman
The son of missionaries to Australia, the People`s Republic of China, and the West Indies, Andrew Wittman is a combat veteran who has led Marines in operations in the Republic of Panama and the first Gulf War. He has served six years in the United States Marine Corps infantry, and is a former police officer and federal agent. Wittman was the special agent-in-charge of Representative Nancy Pelosi`s security detail. He has protected Senators Joe Lieberman, Pat Leahy, Trent Lott, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as having provided Diplomatic Security in Afghanistan. Wittman spent five years as the senior pastor of Covenant Life Outreach Church, is the co-founder of Covenant Life Online Community, and is an international speaker who holds a BA in Theological Studies, a Master of Divinity, and a PhD of Philosophy in Ministry. Covenant for Rookies draws on Wittman`s wonderfully varied life experiences, and diverse relationships with people around the globe. The author lives in Greer, South Carolina with his wife and their three children. To learn more, go to or

Source: Christian Newswire