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Published:November 18th, 2010 09:37 EST

Watch Hilarious Taiwanese Video Poking Fun At TSA Groping Controversy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Most Americans willingly comply with the enhanced pat-downs and the scans that leave nothing to the imagination.

For every John Tyner who declares "Don`t touch my junk" there are thousands of Americans who meekly submit to a TSA goon groping their private parts.


Janet Napolitano and her TSA Gestapo thugs are making a mockery of our democracy.

We must fight back against Napolitano, any way we can. If you were groped by a TSA goon, file a lawsuit; if you are an animation expert make a video about your experience; and if you are a blogger write an article.

Taiwan may be in the shadow of communist China, but they know a thing or two about freedom and liberty.

Taiwan`s Next Media Animation recently produced this animated video depicting the body scanner controversy. I can`t understand a word they are saying, but it`s hilarious. Thanks to Ziggy Chau for sharing this video with me.

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