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Published:November 20th, 2010 10:29 EST
Jim Swilley Needs to Resign From His Position as Pastor of His Church

Jim Swilley Needs to Resign From His Position as Pastor of His Church

By SOP newswire2

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Jim Swilley needs to resign from his position as pastor of his church and add to his confession that the gay lifestyle is a sin - plain and simple.  God loves him and can forgive him, just as he loves and will forgive all those living a homosexual lifestyle if they will confess to Him and repent, but He does not want this man to be a leader in the church. 

If you read in I and II Timothy in the Bible it talks about the kind of leaders we are to have in the church.  Jim Swilley`s gay lifestyle is not only a sin but he has been dishonest about who he is to a whole group of people that looked to him as their leader. 

Deceitfulness is a sin as well.  I do not feel anger toward this man, we all are susceptible to sin in one form or another and to more extremes sometimes than others, but I do feel he should most assuredly take this very seriously and make wise choices about how he will go forward from here. 

God is a loving God, but He does allow consequences to come to those who make a mockery out of Him and His Word.  I pray that Jim will make right choices from here on out.


Concerned Christian