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Published:November 20th, 2010 19:00 EST
The Sickening Details of the Matthew Hoffman Massacre

The Sickening Details of the Matthew Hoffman Massacre

By SOP newswire2


(ODE) To A Tragedy In Ohio: The Final Installment-I Fly Like A Bird!

I was sickened when I heard how Tina, Kody, and Stephanie died and were treated. They were chosen randomly by the killer.

When I first heard what happened (just before Sarah was found), it reminded me of Shasta Groene and her brother Dylan getting kidnapped after Joseph Duncan killed their mom, older brother, and mom`s fiance in Idaho - he was a convicted molester who jumped bail in MN and saw 8-year old Shasta from the highway when he drove by - he stalked them for a few days before the crime. Both were molested/raped for 6 weeks, and Dylan was killed, before Shasta was recognized with Duncan by a waitress at Denny`s - her and the manager stalled (one article said by giving free desserts) until police arrived.

These kind of stories makes me wonder about God.

Seems this criminal was noticed before this happened. Sad nothing was done (or could have been done) to stop it.

So glad Sarah was rescued - those police did an unbelievably fine job.

Rich S.

St. Louis MO