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Published:November 21st, 2010 09:57 EST
Indira Gandhi: Symbol of India's Sovereignty

Indira Gandhi: Symbol of India's Sovereignty

By SOP newswire2

A special conclave of NPP was arranged in the capital this afternoon under the Chairmanship of its Chairman Prof. Bhim Singh. The NPP Supremo described Mrs. Gandhi as symbol of integrity and sovereignty of an emerging nation, India by her highly courageous, visionary and daring feat by settling the internal crises in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and in some areas in the Southern sector of the country. She proved a most successful administrator by taming Abdullah in the North, silencing the rise of terrorism in Punjab and diluting the tension in the South. 

NPP declaration in its tributes said that, "Mrs. Indira Gandhi is and shall remain symbol of India`s sovereignty and a guiding force for the Parliamentarians and leadership in the country. She shall, perhaps, be only Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world who has an art, commitment and resolve to fight from the streets to the highest court of law maintaining constitutional decorum and decency no matter she was sitting in the chair of Prime Minister or suffering in the prison cells of Central Jail of Tihar.

Mrs. Gandhi was the only Prime Minister who accepted to go to jail for the commitment she had for the people of India after remaining in power for over a decade. Her return to power through ballot after her jail proved India`s might as the largest democracy of the world. Her death too was a message for all those who are ruling or who shall rule that commitment to the cause of democracy, unity and sovereignty of India is more valuable than the life".

The National Panthers Party in their tributes to Mrs. Indira Gandhi described her as an unparallel leader in the history of the world.

Sudesh Dogra

Political Secretary