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Published:November 22nd, 2010 22:41 EST
Access A Doctor Anytime, Anywhere

Access A Doctor Anytime, Anywhere

By SOP newswire2

RingADoc`s new service connects patients to doctors instantly over the telephone, from any location and at any time.  The company`s vision for more accessible healthcare has landed articles on the front page of the USA TODAY, the SFGate, and a number of University publications.  As one of ten innovators chosen to demonstrate at Health 2.0`s annual conference last October in San Francisco, RingADoc has quickly commanded the attention of leaders in healthcare and technology.
RingADoc remains the sole telemedicine platform without callbacks, appointments, or monthly fees.  Patients call the number and are immediately routed to licensed doctors.  For a fixed, one-time price lower than most copayments, these physicians will supply advice, treatment, and even prescriptions as they see fit.  Best of all, RingADoc requires no more than a basic telephone to take full advantage of its offerings.
Recent weeks have seen a surge of patient signups and calls through RingADoc.  COO Jordan Michaels is elated.  It`s great to see patients embracing the concept of telemedicine, " he says.  The fact we have had such great interest in such a short period of time is very exciting and only confirms that Americans are searching for a more convenient and simple way to take care of health issues. "
Michaels is committed to expanding the services offered by RingADoc.  Shortly RingADoc will be available in Spanish with the goal of reaching more patients. Simple, secure, and speedy, RingADoc offers an instant healthcare solution free from the tangles of travel times, missed work, waiting rooms, and monthly plans.
The RingADoc brand is built upon the idea of providing convenient, affordable, and instant healthcare to a country that has been searching for a healthcare solution. For more information, call 888.749.4944, or visit our website at and Follow us on Twitter (@RingADoc) or like the RingADoc Facebook page.