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Published:November 22nd, 2010 12:21 EST
sew magical doll

Shoppers In A Frenzy To Buy "Sew Magical" Dolls

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California-based company has a new blue-haired doll that is creating Cabbage Patch-like hysteria reminiscent of the 1980s, shoppers said.

sew magical doll

`Adorable Mittens Fluff `N` Stuff` is one of eight dolls in the `Sew magical -- Sew cute` Lalaloopsy line, and sells for about $25, if you can find one, the New York Post reported.

The doll was already sold out at many toy stores, and entrepreneurs were selling them on the Internet for as much as $89. It is being sold by MGA Entertainment, a $2 billion a year toy manufacturer best known for its `Bratz` dolls."


The "Sew Magical" dolls are the must-have toy this year for little girls. It`s understandable that parents want to make their children happy, but they shouldn`t break the bank to obtain one of these adorable dolls. At $25 the dolls are already overpriced, it`s insane to buy one online for triple that  price.

If parents can`t find a Sew Magical doll, it`s a good opportunity to teach their daughters that we can`t always get what we want. Kids are fickle, and if parents give their daughters a Sew magical doll for Christmas, in a couple of months they will be clamoring for the latest must-have toy.

Don`t let your children watch so much TV, and they won`t be bugging you for stuff they see advertised. 

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