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Published:November 23rd, 2010 18:04 EST

Canadian Industrial Minister's Slip Of The Tongue: We Need More Sex Stories

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A small but significant slip of the tongue had Canada`s industry minister pleading for `more Canadian sex stories` on Monday, although he quickly insisted he was actually talking about success.


`We need more more Canadian sex stories,` Tony Clement told an Ottawa crowd during a speech on the government`s digital strategy.

A roar of laughter prevented him from correcting himself for a few seconds. `We need more Canadian SUCCESS stories ...` he said pausing to emphasize the correction, `... like RIM and its world-famous -- and now ubiquitous -- BlackBerry.`"


Canada is known for snow, hockey, Molson Beer, and not much else. Canada desperately needs to spark up its image, and we certainly need more Canadian sex stories.

There have been thousands of porn videos set in the US, Sweden, Brazil, and scores of other nations, but there has probably never been an adult movie set in Canada.

Clement claims that he meant to say, "We need more Canadian success stories." That will work also,the Canadian porn industry needs to get on the ball and produce flicks about dudes who succeed in bedding hot Canadian girls.

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