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Published:November 24th, 2010 13:12 EST
daffy duck

Duck Farmer To Cop: Marijuana Was For The Ducks

By Robert Paul Reyes

daffy duck

"Police said Michel Rouyer, who owns a duck farm in Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien, was found to possess 12 marijuana plants and 11 pounds of bagged cannabis at his duck farm, Radio France Internationale reported Tuesday.

`There`s no better worming substance for them, a specialist advised me to do it,` Rouyer said.

The farmer admitted to smoking some of the marijuana, but he said the majority was fed to the 150 ducks to keep them free from worms."


Cops have heard every excuse in the book when busting potheads for possession of marijuana plants:

Cop: You are under arrest for possession of fifty  marijuana plants.

Pothead: Dude, I had no idea they were marijuana plants, I just think they look pretty.

Cop: Put down the bong, wipe the Cheetos smudge from your lips, and come with me. You are under arrest!

But I bet this is the first time a police officer has heard the excuse that the weed was for the ducks. Even Daffy Duck wouldn`t believe that whopper!

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