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Published:November 24th, 2010 14:51 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Don Tinney, EOS Worldwide

Judyth Piazza chats with Don Tinney, EOS Worldwide

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Don has a 30+ year history of helping entrepreneurial organizations grow. He has functioned as an owner, leader and manager in three successful companies and is now a partner with Gino Wickman in growing EOS Worldwide, an abundance-minded organization that exists to help business consultants, coaches, trainers and leaders to succeed in strengthening entrepreneurial leadership teams and organizations. They do that using a train the trainer model, supplying a complete business system with a comprehensive set of simple tools. (visit to learn more)

Don`s passion is to help people grow, personally and professionally.  He has invested most of his life into drawing growth-oriented people into environments of collaboration. He is particularly gifted at building teams, understands how to make businesses work, and is a skilled teacher, facilitator and coach. 

Don`s unwavering support and commitment is unlike I`ve ever seen. By far Don has this amazing ability to make sure that everything he does has the greater good in mind. During the last two years Don has taken the time to coach and mentor me in my EOS business. Don`s certainly is a Expert at running a business and certainly is an Master at Implementing EOS. If you are considering learning more about the EOS Process and what it can do for you and your clients " call Don. Mentor, Coach, Friend! Thank you. "   " Duane Marshall

Without Don Tinney`s expert guidance and frequent support, I`d never have become a successful EOS Implementer. An exceptional entrepreneur in his own right and the first "non-Gino" EOS Implementer, Don knows more about running small businesses and mastering EOS than most of us could learn in a lifetime of devoted study.  If you`re a business leader, consultant or coach who thinks EOS might help you achieve something truly special for yourself and/or your clients - call Don. You`ll benefit immediately from his wisdom and generosity and hopefully, like me, you`ll ultimately be very proud to call him a great friend. "  "  Mike Paton

Don is a consummate listener which results in strong recommendations and good results " " Nick Pratt

There is no one I know that is more about serving others than Don Tinney. As a witness to Jesus, Don stands tall in his efforts to share his love and to be Christ-like in his everyday life. Those traits enable him to express a real desire to help you in your business as well as personal life. He is indeed a treasure waiting to share with you his unique business acumen. I cannot recommend the honesty that is Don Tinney any higher than saying "He is the Best"! Thanks Don for using your gifts to praise Him. " " John Brown