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Published:November 24th, 2010 12:03 EST
tsa patdown

Video: Patriot In A Speedo Kicks Off TSA Opt-Out Day

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Most Americans wouldn`t mind if they had to submit to a proctologic exam before they could board their flight; they would meekly request some Vaseline and bend over.

tsa patdown

But there are a few patriots who know the meaning of "Live Free or Die" Jimmy kicked of the Opt-Out Day protest by going through the security checkpoint in a Speedo.

I don`t have the guts to don a Speedo, but I do what I can by blogging about the TSA`s unbelievable violations of our privacy.

We`re watching you Big Sister. We won`t let Janet Napolitano get away with trampling on the Constitution of the United States."

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