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Published:November 26th, 2010 10:48 EST

Professional Dress Code For New York Cabbies? Yeah, Right!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If you come across a shabby cabbie, that driver could soon be facing a fine for his or her fashion faux pas.


The Taxi and Limousine Commission wants drivers to present a `professional appearance.`

The current dress code bans tube tops, tank tops and bathing trunks. The revised code doesn`t get too specific.

A New Yorker doesn`t expect a cabbie to look like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine. A customer won`t complain if his taxi driver is drooling, and wearing hand-me down funky sweatpants that Rosie O`Donnell threw up all over on after pigging out at a Chinese buffet restaurant -- as long as he can speak a few words of English.

Expecting a New York cabbie to have a professional appearance is as ridiculous as expecting a homeless person to look like a metrosexual dandy.

A typical hack will pay as much attention to a dress code as he does to following the rules of the road.

A taxi driver who looks like he lives in a flophouse is part of the charm of the Big Apple -- leave them alone!

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