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Published:November 27th, 2010 16:00 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Director X About OMG Party and Lincoln Rising's Fundraiser

Judyth Piazza chats with Director X About OMG Party and Lincoln Rising's Fundraiser

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

The Lincoln Rising`s Fundraising Dinner and Birthday Party is a very special event in honor of Lincoln J Russell.  Sunday, December 26, 2010, Director X, and friends are coming together in support of their long time friend, Lincoln J. Russell, at anexclusive Fundraising Dinner hosted by DRAKE, including aperformance by Aion Clarke with Noah 40 Shebib on theKeyboard.  To befollowed by a Birthday Party hosted by Director X with a special performance by Kardinal Offishall.  Lincoln, a former stunt man and rising star in the martial arts community of Toronto was diagnosed with CIDP(Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating), an acquired immune-mediated inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nervous system.  This debilitating disease is believed to be due to immune cells, which normally protect the body, doing the opposite, attacking the nerves.  Lincoln has gone from lost feeling in his legs to a wheelchair to a hospital bed and not being able to sit up, unassisted. This is an annual event inCelebration andsupport ofour friend Lincoln.  Canada`s health care system is exceptionalbutdoes notcover the cost of all treatments or the operations that would allow Lincoln to get back on his feet again. Director X is asking for your help.  Please come out and join Lincoln`s friends and supporters we all look forward to the day of The Lincoln Rising. 





WHERE: DINNER: 398 West      (398 Eglington Ave. West, Toronto   @ 7:30 PM)
WHERE: BIRTHDAY PARTY:  LOT 332     (332 Richmond St., Toronto @ 10 PM)




INFO: 398West, Special Performance by.  Aion Clarke with music producer Noah "40" Shebib on keyboard 

             Lot 332, Special Performance by...  Kardinal Offishall

Known to the world as Little X, X is critically acclaimed for his innovative cinematic style, fervent vision, and vivid imagination. X is one of the hottest directors in the industry today.

Since his arrival on the scene, X has directed over 100 music videos and commercials, including motion picture narratives for Ginuwine, photographic minimalist work for P. Diddy, the off-the-wall comedy of Chris Rock, and music videos for the likes of Alicia Keys, Usher, Nelly, and Sean Paul.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, X was heavily influenced by art and a continual search for knowledge. In order to satisfy his artistic taste, X maintained a steady diet of classic art, pop culture, photography, modern art, big Hollywood movies, animation, and comic books, all which contributed to his creative flair. Anxious to see the world, X left home at the mere age of 16 and began to roam the hip-hop underground. It was here that X was able to cultivate his talent as a young illustrator. Most of the time, he could be found drawing party flyers, spray painting walls, or sitting in a smoke-filled club reading his own brand of spoken word. Soon afterwards, X began earning his stripes as an intern at Muchmusic (Canada`s version of MTV, VH-1, and BET all rolled into one music channel). At Muchmusic X found his creative outlet by working on specialty shows such as Soul in the City and Rap City. Around this time, he became intrigued with famed video director Hype Williams and managed to get an internship with Hype`s production company. At age 18, X followed his fervor to New York City where he became Hype`s avaricious protege. Under Hype`s tutelage, X went from being an intern to a storyboard artist. It was this mentor/apprentice relationship that sparked his illustrious career as an up-and-coming music director. At first, X directed videos for independent and underground hip-hop acts, however, as his reputation began to build so did his clientele. At the age of 28 visionary eye and creative imagery have earned him accolades within the entertainment industry.

Today, X is directing videos for some of the world`s biggest stars including Usher, Jay-Z, The Clipse, Wyclef, Fabolous, Eve, 112, Foxy Brown, Sean Paul, Mystikal, DMX, LL Cool J, Ginuine, P. Diddy, Nelly, Dru Hill, Eric Benet, Case Redman, and R. Kelly, just to name a few. In addition to music videos, X has directed commercials for Guinness, Reebok, Chrysler, Redman, Ikea, STOMP, Noxzema, BET, Footlocker and Def Jam.

He has also recieved several awards and honors of recognition for his work including The 2003 Muchmusic Video Award for `Best International Video`, The 2001 Soul Train Award for `Best Rap Video`, The 2000 Muchmusic Video Award for `Best Rap Video`, and The 1999 Muchmusic `VideoFact` Award. He`s earned nominations in 2003 from The MTV Video Music Awards for `Best Hip Hop Video` for Nelly`s "Hot in Herre" and `Best Dance Video` for Sean Paul`s "Gimme da Light", The BET Award for `Video of the Year` for `Hot in Herre`, The MVPA Awards for `Best Direction of a Male Artist` for Usher "You Don`t Have to Call", and the 34th Annual NAACP Award for `Outstanding Music Video` for Usher "You Don`t Have to Call". His 2002 nominations consisted of The MTV Video Music Awards for `Best Male Video` and `Best R & B Video` for Usher "You Don`t Have to Call". He was recognized in Vibe magazine`s section `Next` for people on the verge , making him one of the only directors ever written up for this particular section in Vibe magazine. Rolling Stone also named him the `Hot Video Director` in their annual hot issue.

Known for his visual bravado, extreme drive, and creative expertise, X is constantly pushing the envelope to new heights and succeeding.