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Published:November 29th, 2010 10:20 EST

Dudes In Female-Only Train Car Forced To Do Sit-Ups By Irate Women

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A group of male passengers travelling in a female-only carriage on New Delhi`s new metro system were ordered to do sit-ups on the platform by the furious women, according to reports.


At least one carriage is reserved for women on every metro train in the Indian capital, where female residents and tourists have complained about sexual harassment on public transport for decades.

The Mail Today reported how some of the men in the women`s carriage `had to bear the ignominy of doing sit-ups in public` when they were caught on at the Guru Dronacharya station on Thursday evening." AFP

No woman should be subjected to groping or sexual harassment on subways or buses. But by the same token having a female-only carriage is blatant discrimination against men.

The answer isn`t to discriminate against all men, but to punish the few men who harass the female commuters.

The New Delhi trains should have a wimps-only carriage for the gonads-deprived "men" who allowed the women to bully and humiliate them.

It seems that in India the battle of the sexes has been won by the females. No man would ever get away with forcing women to do sit-ups in public, and no subway system could get away with having a carriage for men only.

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