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Published:November 29th, 2010 13:24 EST
christmas girl

Scottish Christian Leaders Up In Arms Over Sexmas Survival Guide

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Scottish government`s `Sexmas Survival Guide` for the Christmas season is not amusing church leaders.

christmas girl

The official sexual health Web site will advise young people on navigating occasions like the `after-work do,` when inhibitions are relaxed and office workers have to negotiate `the unexpected rise,` Scotland on Sunday reported.

On another hazard, the `end of night ride,` the guide counsels, `Stop tittering. We`re talking about how you`re going to get home!`"


Most government publications are written in bureacratese, and are used only to line birdcages. I applaud the Scottish government for publishing an easy-to-read "Sexmas Survival Guide" that will actually be read by young people.

Who can be against a brochure that teaches young persons to drink responsibly and practice safe sex? It`s a rhetorical question, only an organized religion could be against such a great idea.

Christmas was originally a pagan holiday, the early Christian added religious trappings and made it their own. The word "Sexmas" pays homage to the original intent of Christmas: A celebration of fertility.

Scottish religious leaders need to chill out!

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