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Published:November 30th, 2010 15:13 EST
Is God an Ancient Astronaut?

Is God an Ancient Astronaut?

By SOP newswire

The ancient astronaut theory is a doozy. A seemingly implausible journey filled with extraterrestrial origins, unexplained wonders of the world, and theory after theory of why we`re here.

Basically, the theory states that these ancient astronauts visited Earth years ago and are responsible for life, technology, religions and cultures. Some forms of this theory state that God and other deities are really ancient extraterrestrials that made the technology we`ve enjoyed over the years of this planet`s existence. While many books have been written on this theory, those who use logic and rationality to explain life have essentially crapped all over the theory.

One of the more famous pieces of literature regarding ancient astronauts is Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past by Erich von Daniken. Almost immediately, the head scratching begins.

On page 19, he states the following: "What is the history of our earth-moon system?". . . a satellite was captured by the earth. As it was pulled toward the earth it slowed down the speed of the earth`s revolutions. It finally disintegrated and was replaced by the moon." He claims the proof of this is at the Great Idol in the Old Temple at Tiahuanaco, which claims that this satellite made 425 revolutions around the earth a year - then, 288 days.

Well, being a logical minded human, let`s look at this with science rather than fiction. If the Earth circled the sun in 288 days rather than today`s 365, the Earth would be placed much closer to the Sun according to Kepler`s third law of planetary motion - somewhere in the ballpark of 20 million miles closer. This doesn`t tie in well with that whole Ice Age thing that was happening. He also mentions the Sirius calendar and how it is false because the Egyptians couldn`t see the BRIGHTEST star in the sky. Yes, they could see it, and they based their 12 month, 360 day calendar off of it. When they saw the star in the morning sky, the Nile flood began - it`s simple correlation. Bear in mind, this Daniken guy is the same guy who told the National Enquirer "I know that astronauts visited the earth in ancient times. I was there when the astronauts arrived. And I know they`ll be back." He can`t tell us when they will be back, because "time doesn`t exist at Point Aleph." Sounds like an excuse to me.

Now I could go on and on about the other lies and stretched truths, but I think I`ll try and get more of an even coating of BS from more sources. It goes without saying that to me, the idea of God and religion is ridiculous enough without an ancient astronaut theory.

These ancient astronaut proponents claim that some of the world`s wonders, such as Machu Picchu, the Moai of Easter Island and the Giza pyramids must have been made with the technology presented by our ancient spaceman brethren - there`s no way ancient technology could have moved and made those wonders! Bullcrap. Researchers found that Baalbek in Lebanon was built using ramps and rollers, and the huge stones could be flipped by a number of men. While some methods have limitations, researchers have found ways to move the massive Moai on Easter Island. The walls of Sacsayhuaman, the Thunder Stone, the pyramids (to a degree) and the construction of many other monoliths and megaliths have been explained rationally. Just do a little research.

There are correlations made from the Bible to these astronauts. Von Daniken claims that the two angels that visited Lot in Genesis were aliens that used atomic weapons to destroy Sodom. Vimanas in Hindu passages were supposedly these large flying machines, or, if you`re more of a logical translator, large birds. In the Old Testament, the book of Ezekiel tells of a supposed flying wheel that nutjobs von Daniken and Morris Jessup suggested. Personally, to me any interpretation of these Bible passages could be complete crap, thanks to the many mistranslations of the Bible over the years. 

And what would a debunking article be without a little sperm? Some people believe we exist today thanks to a generous donation of sperm in the form of blue-green algae from our extraterrestrial buddies. This is called "panspermia," or "bullcrap."

Regardless of what you believe, remember that there is always something that could refute it. Nothing I have said here is absolute truth, hence my usage of the word "theory" more than once. This is all relative to your convictions as it pertains to religion and the presence of extraterrestrials. Do I think there`s something other than us out there? Yes. Do I think they`d ever want to come to this rotten hellhole of a planet and intermingle with our depraved culture? No. I think an alien would take one look at American Idol and head back home.

All in all, believe in what you want because the truth will most likely never be found. Ancient astronauts can`t be proven, nor can they exactly be indefinitely debunked. However, just like God and religion, I choose to question it and not believe in it.

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