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Published:November 30th, 2010 14:26 EST

New York City Guy Jumps Onto Tracks To Save Subway Rider

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York grocery clerk, fearing he might be late for work, jumped onto city subway tracks to haul an injured passenger to safety after he fainted, authorities said.


The victim was taken to a local hospital after his rescue on Sunday by Carlos Flores, who said he leaped to save the man so he would not be late for work.

`I was thinking, if he gets hit I can`t go to work. It`s Sunday. I can`t miss out. It`s a time-and-a-half day,` Flores was quoted as saying in the New York Daily News."


Flores must be a recent immigrant, because most red-blooded Americans will use any excuse to get out of work. Flores was probably the only commuter who was worried about being late for work.

Even if I didn`t have sick leave, I would consider missing work if I stubbed my toe while reaching for my remote control.

If a man falls on the subway tracks, most Americans wouldn`t say to themselves, "Gee, I`d better save him so I won`t be late for work." I would look around to make sure someone was videotaping the incident with his cell phone camera, then I would play the part of a Good Samaritan and rescue the guy for YouTube immortality.

There are a few odd ducks who would rescue the victim simply because it`s the right thing to do, or because they don`t want to be late for work.

I hope the victim is doing fine, and I hope that Flores outgrows his Protestant work ethic foolishness.

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