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Published:December 1st, 2010 20:32 EST

Big Bloomers Co. Makes Panties For 600-Pound Women

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`super-super size` range, for women with waistlines up to 105 inches.


Dianne and Laura Mannering, the mother and daughter team behind the Big Bloomers Co. in Penryn, England, said they began selling size XXXXXXXXL underwear, catering to women weighing up to 490 pounds, earlier this year and expanded the range to include XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL sizes for women weighing up to 630 pounds, The Sun reported Wednesday."


Any woman with a waistline of 105 inches doesn`t deserve to wear panties, she should go commando or wear a potato sack. 

Big Bloomers is enabling these grotesquely fat women by making panties for them. 

It`s sad that Big Bloomers Co. has already sold over a hundred pairs of these colossal panties. 

The material needed for one pair of this humongous panties could be used to make a hundred pair of panties that could be donated to homeless women.

Big Bloomers needs to immediately stop making these ridiculously large panties. 

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