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Published:December 2nd, 2010 11:14 EST
happy holidays

Praise God! The Word Christmas Removed From City Hall Bazaar Sign

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Philadelphia city official says slicing the word `Christmas` from City Hall holiday bazaar sign was about `being inclusive,` not `political correctness.`

happy holidays

Managing Director Richard Negrin said the archway sign, which read `Christmas Village` until the name of the holiday was removed Monday, will be completely taken down at the German-style Christmas market, which features vendors in wooden booths selling festive goods and foods, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Wednesday.

Negrin said the decision to remove the sign was made after people complained about the lack of inclusiveness in naming the bazaar after the Christian holiday. He said there are several Jewish and Muslim vendors at the event."


I applaud the Philadelphia city officials for going against the wishes of the majority, and making the morally-correct decision to remove the "Christmas Village" sign.

Erecting a "Christmas Village" sign is tantamount to putting up a poster that reads: Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Atheists not welcome.

The holiday village isn`t on the property of a church, for God`s sake it`s a City Hall bazaar. City Hall is supposed to represent all the citizens of Philadelphia, not just Christians.

True Christians will rejoice that this morally repugnant sign has been removed.

Happy Holidays, to one and all!

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