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Published:December 2nd, 2010 15:44 EST
Republicans say we should call it STOP, STrategic Opposition Position!

Republicans say we should call it STOP, STrategic Opposition Position!

By Will Roberts

Now all I know is what I read in the dictionary! Now notice I did not say Google, or Twitter. I am using the dictionary this time because if I am going to prove a point in my little comments here I`m going to need to bring in the big guns. See, you boys in Washington, even though you like to pretend you are dumb as a nickel (and in some cases that`s 4 cents too much) we Americans know you like to have facts when making a decision. That`s also why I will be leaving the media as a reference source out of this. Anyhow, I am here to tell you that you are going about this START treaty the wrong way.

Will Says Cartoon

The fact is, when you are marketing something that all folks need to digest, it has to taste good, smell good, look good and SOUND good.
That`s the problem with the START treaty, it sounds wrong.

First it`s a treaty to limit how many weapons we can carry on us in public. Even this cowboy knows when you ride your horse in to town you can only have a certain amount of weapons on ya before you are considered a public nuisance.

So, this treaty is really about how many we can have so we don`t look like we are doing the whole "mine is bigger than yours" thing. Cause if you folks think it is about getting rid of all our CONTROL, well let me put it to you this way.

A treaty that tries to reduce weapons an amount is a little like trading in a double edge sword for a single edge. What`s the difference? They both will cut you and make you bleed to death.

Mr. President, the name is the problem, START... You are in no position right now to pose anything to the Republicans or other countries that make it sound like you are START-ing something. It is too defensive. Go figure, you all are calling this plan START... Like: "You STARTED it." "Go ahead START something", you see, it`s too aggressive. Besides, when was the last time you STARTED something in Congress and the Republicans let you finish it ... See.

I say we call it the STOP treaty, kinda common CENTS (cause that`s all we can afford these days). STOP treaty, say it with me. See the funny thing about putting a word to an action that fits the action. START = Stop, hmmm, nope; STOP = STOP, yep. Just in case you are wondering what these letters stand for: STrategic Opposition Position.

The Republicans gave me that idea. Cause I know that makes you automatically think of the Republican`s last two years with you and trying to pass a bill, but look past that. Beside, give credit where credit is due, and it goes to the Republicans for single handedly stopping a plan called START.

So here`s my plan in a mortar shell:

I say we collect all weapons and put them in the middle somewhere. This way if a fight breaks out both sides have to run to the middle and grab a weapon. Or better yet, a neutral place that understands the importance of team work, peace, good will toward man... Like North Korea. After all, they are just getting started at this nuke thing. So what say you we give`m a hand OR our ARMS. I`m sure they will embrace us with them.


Will Roberts


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