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Published:December 2nd, 2010 10:56 EST
tsa goons

Video: Hot Lady In Wheelchair Clad Only In Underwear Hassled By TSA Creeps

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A wheelchair-bound woman dressed only in bra and panties caught a Wednesday morning flight out of Oklahoma after passing through security.

tsa goons

Karen Carney, a spokeswoman for Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, said Tammy Banovac, 52, initially came in clad only in her undergarments Tuesday but missed her flight to Phoenix after Transportation Security Administration officers detected traces of nitrates on her wheelchair, The Oklahoman reported."


A 52-year-old wheelchair-bound woman dressed only in bra and panties, with a tiny pooch on her lap, missed her flight because the TSA goons detected traces of nitrates on her wheelchair.

If a million psychiatrists and profilers were asked by the FBI to write a profile of a terrorist, not a single one would create a profile that matches the appearance of this lady.

Banovac is very attractive for a woman her age, I think the TSA thugs wanted to keep her around as long as possible.

Unfortunately for the male passengers Banovac had a change of clothes she put on after security screening.

Every day a new TSA outrage, wake-up American and fight for your liberty and freedom.

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