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Published:December 4th, 2010 15:15 EST
A Costa Rica Charity with Vision

A Costa Rica Charity with Vision

By Don G. Halbert

What started in a doctor`s office in California has since blossomed in to a Costa Rica charity that, to date, has donated over 8500 wheelchairs and assisted countless schools and less fortunate individuals in the small Central American country of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica charity
In 2004 while attending a doctor`s appointment in California, John Scheman began to read an article in a local magazine that would forever change his life. The subject was about an American couple who, after visiting Morocco, decided to create a low cost wheelchair in order to help mobilize the millions of incapacitated less fortunate people of the world. Wheelchairs normally cost from a few hundred to a few thousand, and in turn out of the reach of many poverty-stricken countries like Africa, El Salvador and Costa Rica. 

Like Don and Laurie Schoendorfer, founders of the Free Wheelchair Mission, John Scheman also returned home to Costa Rica with a burning desire to help and possibly bring the FWM to Costa Rica. A few short months following, John`s vision became a reality when the Do It Foundation was formed. 

The Do It Foundation reached out to the Free Wheelchair Mission by purchasing an entire palette of 1000 wheelchairs ($50,000 value) and shipped them to Costa Rica. This would be the first and only time any company or individual would purchase an entire palette with cash. A statement was made...Do It Foundation was serious!

The following years have been quite productive for the Costa Rica charity as they`ve donated over 8500 wheelchairs to the poverish citizens of Costa Rica. The goal for 2011 is set at an additional 1000 donated wheelchairs and while John Scheman and the Do It Foundation prepare for what lies ahead, more and more immobilized Costa Ricans are being given the gift of mobility. 

Sadly, these incredible numbers represent only a fraction of the money needed. However with your assistance, the Do It Foundation could provide the miracle of movement to a child confined to their home without the means to play outside and enjoy the freshness and beauty they so desperately desire.

For donations or more information on the Do It Foundation, please visit them at :